Glt Golden hearts is the youth movement of Slatina-Timis. Several groups of young people from Geel have been in Slatina-Timis to support this movement. It exists since 1999

The young people are now working together with the GLT of Resita andthey started a new GLT group in Caransebes. Now there are 3 groups in the regio: Slatina-Timis, Resita and Caransebes. 4 Leaders of the group were participating at the national camp for leaders in Cosmeti-Siret (Romanian Moldavie) organised by TON .

The 3 GLT groups 'll organize together a Summer-Camp for their members in Brebu Nou

They are also very active in Slatina-Timis organizing movie evenings, playing days...   . as you can read on their facebookpage