Festivities at the organisations:









22 years of cooperation between OLF (organization of women Slatina-Timis) and Femma-Larum. 

20 years of cooperations between   OLB (organization of men Slatina-Timis) and KWB-Larum.

Also this year the group of social organization of Geel visited Slatina-Timis
















A tree  was planted and a commemorative plaque was fixed on the wall of the clubhouse.


  • 1_Groep
  • 2_boomplanting
  • 3_plakkaat
  • 4_GLTspelnamiddag
  • 5_Wandeling
  • 6_wandeling_Sadova_Veche
  • 7_wandeling_Stephanescu
  • 8_wandeling_Ilova
  • 9_Verbroederingsfeest
  • Jogging1
  • Jogging2
  • Overleg
  • Tombola
  • Vlaamse_kermis

During their stay, the local-GLTgroup organized an activity  for the children. Another day the group of Geel visited the hamlets Sadova-Veche, Sadova Noua and Ilova on foot. Otherwise everything was put in order for jogging: inventory of the tombola prizes. The annual planning of the Geel and local groups were presented. Saturday there was fraternization-evening. Sunday the jogging went on. The Slatinese movements also gave a Flemish fair whose proceeds were for themselves. The local fire brigade - volunteers gave 2 demonstrations.



Also the GLT-group (youth organization) is very active as you can see on their facebook-pagina.








10 jaar VizidomIn 2014 there was the 10 years of cooperation between Vizidom (organization for sick, disabled and eldery persons who can not leave their home) and the group of international cooperation CM M-T.