The men's association had a somewhat difficult start, but  from 1998 on, it went on at full speed.zegelbarbatilor1

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Why a jogging in Slatina-Timis?  

The jogging was the means to start the men-organisation.   By organizing this cross, the KWB-Larum could transfer a lot of knowledge simply by the organisation. Each year the local group took more intiative. In 2002, the men's movement organised the jogging entirely on their own and  fully independent. In 2001, there were 700 runners, in recent years slightly less. But there are still more than 300 men, women and youth running.










Why the KWB-Larum is still going to Slatina-Timis?

The first reason is obvious.  We have built up a close brotherhood with the men's movement . Both parties look forward  every year to make an evaluation of the passed year. A second reason is that for the men's movement , the organization of the jogging is in their hands ,  it is financially impossible to establish arrival packets together. They are not financially strong enough.  This necessary financial support comes from KWB - Larum . Through pancakes and wine sales at the market in Geel  pens , notebooks , fruit , drinks , etc. can be purchased. Further, Belgian companies give the  KWB Larum occasionally products that can not be sold (soap , socks , pocket diaries , caps , etc ) . These materials were put in the arrival-packets. The third reason is that we started something new with the  jogging  in Slatina-Timis. Since there are a lot of people come to watch ( about 1500 people ), the jogging is an ideal place to set up a few simple fairground stalls So we started in 2003 with three stalls and a ( plastic ) duck race on the river . Both the men's movement , women's movement as youth association are organizing these stalls  The proceeds of this flemish / romanian fair goes to them . They use the money for organizing their activities during the year.