In Slatina-Timis it is not easy for associations. Many men and women are working abroad and young people are studying in cities like Timisoara and Resita, far from their village. The youth movement GLT Golden Hearts is currently the most active association. Both the women's and men's movement require a younger and more dynamic board.

Beside the nursing core, there is the absence of a "senior association", the older people who, in many cases take care of their grandchildren, remain in the villages. Now there is no younger generation  to take care of them  in their old days as it was the custom, not only in Slatina-Timis, but all over Romania.

Outside this association, there is also a football team A.S. Timisul Slatina-Timis Asociatia The field is located beside  the Timis at the entrance of Slatina-Timis center. In August, an annual mini-soccer-street competition is held on the artificial turf, laid out on the playground of the school with European subsidies.