kaartSTligging1 Slatina-Timis covers an area of 15,109 hectares situated in the valley of Timis and Cerna at an altitude of 350m.  The railway line Bucharest-Timisoara crosses the area as does the DN 6 (E70) motorway.(google-map -route)












Neighbouring Slatina-Timis we find the provincial capital Resita (60km), Caransebes (20km), Baile Herculane (60km), Mount Semenic (30km), Trei Ape (20km) and Muntele Mic (42km).

The borough consists of a village centre and 3 hamlets: Sadova Veche, Sadova Noua and Ilova. The village centre and Sadova Veche are situated in the valley, while Ilova and Sadova Noua are located in the surrounding hills..