ADR – Vlaanderen and Somepro VZW started in 2012 : The Open Network for community development.







Purpose of the foundation is creating a network of involved people in Romaniais 

At this moment there is :

◾AGLT: the 2nd youth organization in Roemenië

◾OLF: a women association with 15 local groups

◾OLB: a men association : 12 local groups 

◾CLS: local heath coucils working with motivated volunteers

◾ADAM: community health centers where people get sustainable health care

Communities, companies and institutions, but also individuals can be a member of TON










The general management of TON is owned by Cristina Chert and its headquarters are located in Iasi.

President of TON is Jozef Goebels, is also chairman of ADR Flanders.


 Mr. Philippe Beke, Belgian Ambassador is  Godfather of TON, Godmother is  Ms. Irina Pacurariu, Romanian journalist.