Sadova Veche



A European project involving the municipality and the EU secured waterworks in Sadova Veche.  A pumping station was constructed and the properties were connected to the mains water complete with water meters





Slatina-Timis Centrum 

During the first project  organised by the Geel Romanian Committee in 1992 each household was connected to the mains supply.  The metal mains pipes were paid for by the Romanian government.  The connecting pipes paid for by the committee were made of high density polyethylene (HDPE socorex tubes). watermeteraSlatinaaanleggenwaterleiding 2a









In 2012-2013 the rust damaged mains pipes in Slatina-Timis were replaced with HDPE pipes by the local authorities.  Water meters were also installed at each home. 

Previously the water catchment was centered on the mountain river.  During periods of heavy rain silt made its way into the pipes causing water discoloration and clogging the water filters.  Today 2 catchment areas split the village centre.  One half receives water from boreholes drilled along the way to Trei Ape.  This water is collected in a reservoir and is siphoned to the households from there.




Similarly the other half of the village is supplied by a borehole close by the forest road to Secas, again water is collected in a reservoir before being siphoned to the households. 

Close by the village square in Slatina-Mic an electric pump indicates the position of a borehole.

Slatina-Timis has a separate system for waste water: rainwater and sewage water.  The waste water system was renewed at the same time as the mains water.


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Finally, the roads received a service and a new layer of asphalt where needed. 



The local authorities have submitted plans on several occasions to the EU for support to connect Ilova to the water mains, so far without success