In Caon-line from September 8th , 2015 next interview was posted with Mayor Gheorghe Roma, Slatina Timis: click here

It was also published in 7 Zile Ziarul Gugulanilor:  click here

The articles summarized:

Mayor Slatina-Timis counts on EU funds.

As part of the "National Rural Development Programme (PDNR)" three projects were realized in the period 2007 -2014 focus on water supply, sewerage, asphalt, tourism and modernization of cultural buildings.

For the period 2014 - 2020 following projects are planned:

  • water supply and sewerage in  Sadova Noua
  • upgrading  the wastewater station of Slatina-Timis. (which was part of Project 1)  €1.5 million
  • renovation of the cultural center of Sadova-Veche: € 200,000

In addition, the municipality will  submit a project for the renovation of the kindergarten of Slatina-Timis

The project for the main school building in Slatina-Timis "upgrading the educational infrastructure" achieved in the period 2007-2014 no EU subsidies and will now be resubmitted to the Ministry of Education so that the necessary repairs hopefully can be done next year.

Two projects are still  going on:

  • the renovation of the cultural center Slatina Timis will be completed in November 2015: project which is supported by Ministry of Regional Development and National Investment Company
  • the construction of water supply and sewerage started in Ilova and  has already received a first tranche of 500,000 lei and was promised a second tranche of 800,000 lei for the finalization of this work


Furthermore, the municipality will  make an additional 2 kilometers of concrete gutters beside the road in the main village and renovate the roof of the cultural center in Ilova.