February 15, 1994 the "Club Femina" was officially established. They existed already longer. In 1992, a group of KAV-women from Geel went to Slatina-Timis. They  organized for the women a meeting party. The first board of  Club Femina was formed.









They organized  French lessons. They also gave lessons for hygiene, during  the first project, per street and hamlet. They came to Geel to get an introduction on the KAV-knowledge. They also renovated, with the assistance of the committee, a club house, which was property of the council house.











This clubhouse was subsequently occupied by the men's movement. Discussions about cleaning and use of the house drove the women to the medical center where they continue their activities in the meeting-room. By working abroad  the operation of the Club Femina is now reduced to a low ebb.