Fire fighting training November 2017

The manual of the truck was translated into Romanian. Also SVSU Armenis received a copy.The two volunteer corps, Slatina-Timis and Armenis, are working well together and get support from ISU Caransebes. Both volunteer teams and the professional team of Caransebes were interested in this training weekend.

November 12th Eddy Peeters, Senior Engineer Fire Prevention & Security at Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, commander of the company fire brigade and also chief (Lieutenant Officer) at the firebrigade of Westerlo as volunteer,  gave a presentation on safety, set-up, equipment ...   in the council chamber of the town hall. There was a focus on residential fires and how to limit them in the usual row houses. Also the storage of the many dozens of liters of explosive tuica in the cellars proved to be an additional risk.

Monday afternoon the two teams  trained on the banks of the Timis watched by the two mayors and officers of Caransebes.

A set-up was practiced.

Slatina-Timis was first there with a heavy pump truck, sucked out of open water and laid down low pressure attack lines. Armenis came to strengthen. They were supplied with water from Slatina-Timis and went along with two attack lines to fight the fire.  

The equipment of the trucks, the protective clothing of the volunteers and their commitment  were outstanding. .

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 The delegation of Geel visited also ISU Caransebes. Their fleet was recently expanded considerably. 

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