Supporting trip fire brigade: May, 3 - 10, 2016

4 Firefighters from Geel: Wen Van Rooy, Michael Loots and Kris Cools went along with Marc Op De Beeck to a support trip. The newcomers were immediately received warmly in their host family in Slatina-Timis. The walk along the villages was a bath in the Romanian hospitality.

The command car, Mitsubishi L200 which was purchased by the Roemeniëcomité in Germany, and by the team of Kris Vanberghen driven to Slatina-Timis, was handed over officially to SVSU. Mayor Gheorghe Roma received the key.

Friday, the professional officers from Resita and Caransebes were invited to Slatina Timis. New firefighting techniques were explained in the meeting room of the medical center. The cooling of flue gases and the "hot door" procedure were discussed and compared. In the afternoon they went on tot the ISU Caransabes: practical exercises of the above techniques were followed with great interest. Afterwards they drove with sirens blaring to the orphanage of Zagujeni to do a realistic exercise: extinguish burning fat and the evacuation of the home.

Saturday a training of SVSU Slatina-Timis took place. Basic setups with the fire truck were trained. The speed of action was remarkable,  it is a real strong team. The  fire department room was clean and orderly. The newly supplied command vehicle has been registered and is now operational. The fire truck, 30 years old and 10 years ago donated by the city council of Geel, has had its day. The car is still usable, but there are several issues that are not or less functioning: high pressure only on one side, suction from open water not operatable. The training ended with a barbeque. The mayor, Johny and school principal were attending it.

On Sunday the fire men of Geel were discussing and socializing with professional firefighters, ISU Caransebes.

Monday they were guests of ISU Resita, the fire station was extended visited.

Already it appears that we can expect many proposals from this trip to support training, new techniques and materials.

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