Romania May 2015

Marc, volunteer firefighter and Bart, professional firefighter , were members of the group who were visiting Slatina-Timis and supporting the local social organizations.

They have meetings with ISU Caransebes (military  firebrigade) and ISU Semenic (military head fire brigade) in Resita. The purpose of these meetings is to submit an European project that will focus on the exchange of training methods for instructors with accent on  safety and new techniques also for the volunteers (SVSU). And they are interessed: both ISU Semenic as well as  ISU Caransebes. They want to cooperate. VZW Geels Roemenië Komitee will continu the development of the project in cooperation  with the  2 ISU-groups. For the European project, they are looking for a third EU country, required to submit an Erasmus + project.

A ladder truck isn't available at ISU Caransebes ... demo by Commander Captain Cosmin Ilie

During the visit ISU Caransebes  made an accident simulationyou can see  the photos below. They also organized a barbecue for the entire group

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