Fire  truck for SVSU Slatina-Timis

During a public auction, April 2017, a heavy pump truck, was purchased from  zone Kempen (Westerlo fire brigade) by VZW Geels Romania Committee. The truck was out of service for one year and some malfunctions appeared.  All the problems were solved and new batteries were put in.  The company Somati checked and managed the control of the fire pumps. June the 1st 2017 Kris started with 2  volunteers - fire-fighters  with the truck towards Romania. At the German-Austrian frontier the truck broke down and was dragged to a Renault garage.  The start motor was replaced and June, 15 th Kris started again with 1 volunteer. After 10km the lights and blinkers fell out: back to the garage and the drivers back to Geel. June, 22nd Kris started for the 3rd time with one volunteer and on Friday evening they parked the truck in the garden of the medical centre in Slatina-Timis. 

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During the TON days, 20 - 23 July 2017 in Slatina-Timis, Eddy Peeters , chief volunteer firebrigade Westerlo, gave a training to the SVSU of Slatina-Timis. First, the materials were transferred to the "new" truck, after which the practical lessons could start. Everything worked perfectly. The fire truck, light pump truck, donated by Geel in 2006, goes to the SVSU of neighboring community Armenis, as agreed between the municipal councils. SVSU Armenis also received training on the pump truck.

In the afternoon there was a fierce roadside fire in Slatina-Timis. Both SVSU teams were deployed. Also ISU-Caransebes arrived and took care of the water supply from their tank truck.

During the 5-year celebration of TON,  both mayors of Slatina-Timis and Armenis were present, Belgian ambassador Thomas Baekelandt handed over the key of the fire truck to Mayor Gheorghe Roma of Slatina-Timis. The planned demonstration of SVSU Slatina-Timis could not take place by a sudden storm. The rain was more than necessary because of the constant drought there were daily bern and forest fires in the area.

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