The national health laws, reimbursements by CJAS all Romanian laws in this regard are constantly changing. Health care is privatized?  Affordable healthcare remains in Romania? Everything is called into question. ADAM  movement offers a solution to these questions. Patients are assured of a good, non-corrupt healthcare. The staff of doctors, nurses, etc. are sure of their wages. ADAM signs  the contract with the CJAS (regional health insurance fund) and pays the wages (even if the CJAS pays late). The whole project can not be copied,  the financial effort for the infrastructure: buildings and equipment is too large. Therefore, there is now CLS launched in Romania these are local health councils that offer the best possible health care in consultation with municipalities, local medics and motivated volunteers. All this is coordinated by TON(The open network for community development)


ADAMSlatina-Timis started as a pilot project and received international recognition.


10-12 May 2006 in Innsbruck, the States General XXIII was held by the General Assembly of Council of European Municipalities and Region (CEMR) under the theme "The future of public services." The States-General takes place every third year in a different European country. Within this conference, a special session was devoted to "Twinning and social inclusion: how people engage, showing diversity".Innsbruck4a

VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities) submitted among others the project Geel - Slatina-Timis. Six "best practices" within Europe were finally selected and given the opportunity to make a stand.  Within these six "best practices", 4 were chosen to present their project verbally and to participate in a round table during the session on twinning.  More than 1,400 participants, spread over 36 countries participated in this international conference




















In the justification of the choice we could read:

Six examples around twinning which contribute significantly to social inclusion are proposed. They were recognized as inspiring and motivating projects that promote social inclusion and European cooperation and thus serve as an example of active European citizenship.


As a result of this recognition, an invitation was sent to participate in the final day of the four-day training program "Town twinning: a valuable tool for the municipality and Europe organized by the" Part Platform European Twinning Netherlands "in The Hague on July 4, 2007



Kristien Bonneure highlighted in December 2009 for the radio series "Romania is groaning under the crisis," Radio1  the role of voluntary organizations and the role of many Flemish committees. She was in Slatina-Timis for a series of interviews











In the series "20 years after the fall of communism"  VRT brought in December 2009, a program about the work that ADR Flanders performed in Romania for 20 years. As an example Slatina-Timis was chosen because the achievements could be shown.  Stefan Blommaert groomed with a film crew this reportage.













July the 9th, 2009 the royal couple of Belgium visited during their state visit to Romania, Cristian, a town twinned with Leuven. In the context of the social aspects of their visit, in addition to the economic and academic, Jozef Goebels gave as president of ADR Flanders, an overview of the transition from humanitarian relief to structuele help and Johny Suru  presented AdamSlatina to the royal couple .


koningspaar 2b 








The Belgian Ambassador, Mr. Philippe Beke already spent several visits to Slatina-Timis.

July the 15th 2011 there was the first visit of the ambassador and his wife to Caransebes and Slatina-Timis. In Caransebes he was received by the Mayor Marcel Vela. Johny Suru explained the operation of ADAMS and emphasized the importance of home care. The cars of the White Yellow Cross Antwerp were officially handed over to ADAMS. Then they visited Slatina-Timis and during the reception at the town hall, the cooperation of 21 years between Geel and Slatina-Timis has been proposed. In the upper room of the medical center Johny presented an overview of the functioning of ADAMS. 














In November 2012 he was with the Minister of Health A. Rafila in Resita, where the health memorandum was proposed by TON. They also visited Slatina-Timis.rafila1












On May 7th 2013, the Belgian ambassador visited with Minister Raed Arafat's the medical center. In local newspapers several articles on this subject, were published as in the "Express Banat"