ADAMSlatina-Timis : Asociatia De Ajutor Mutual Slatina-Timis









Medical cabinets

the cabinet of 1989                                                                     the new cabinets



















Cabinet of the dentist

dental chair  1989                                                                                               new dental chair 2009









second hand dental chair 2005











In the medical center there is also:

waitingroom                                                                                       pharmacy



beauty salon                                                                          computerclass










The computer class doesn't exist anymore. They have now computers in the school and at home.

Further on there are all the modern facilities: also for disabled persons. A kitchen, archive room, a revalidation rooom and a stockroom for the mediotheek materials have found a place.  A big meeting room on the first floor and a small one on the ground floor can be used by the local community











The medical center can offer:

                                                                                      glucose monitoring for diabetes

 EKG-measurement                                                             and diabetics passport











                                      and has an    echography apparatus



and an apparatus for light therapy




Adams also gives a follow up for pregnant women, new born babys, vaccinations, etc. 

A specialized lab does the blood and other examinations.  

The mediotheek takes care for the sales and and renting of reading glasses, hearing devices and other devices 

                                         In thebrillen revalidation room there are fitnnes equipments











Home care was started upwerd . In 2011 the Wit-Gele Kruis, section Antwerp, gives Adams two cars for this purpose.




The social fund can interfere by urgent medical financial problems.

Disease prevention and information of the patients is very important: leaflets were made. The local social organizations as women, men and youth, the school they are all involved in this item.














New-bornes  get a free kit.

To realize this all: a service car, pcs, printers and a copy machine were bought. The medical center had the first internet connection of the village.


Transport of the doctor in 1992











Two  medical points were built in the mountain villages.


SadovaNouapunctmedical22 SadovaNouapunctmedical3










ADAMSlatina-Timis is in hands of the local community. Solidarity, democratic rules, member-organization, qualitative high medicine, open for every one , honest and social rates are the main words of AdamS.


In December 2011 the comité replaced the old gaz equiment by a new central heating system using wood. ADAMSnieuwechauffageADAMSoudechauffage