24 ° Romanian restaurant Sunday, February 8th, 2015, in the context of our celebrations of 25 years of collaboration between Slatina Timis and Yellow, was once again a success across the board. A total of 577 people came to eat.

The cooking team KWB St. Amands headed by Fons, Erwin, Karel, Luc and Jo realized  600 meals that could be served. The expert buffet leadership of Gunther made the whole a feast for all attendees. Nice that such an enthusiastic and skilled professional team is helping us!

Both old faithful visitors and newcomers had nothing but praise for the quality, presentation and diversity of the food festival and for a very democratic price. The kitchen-work, serving food and drinks, the bar, the clearing and washing dishes, serving at the buffet, the cashier, etc. everything was going well. Everyone jumped to another job when necessary, knowing that each small job is necessary and useful and should be done by someone. This also happens spontaneously, what is the strength of a team.

The 21thFebruary 2016: 25th restaurant day, an jubilee edition!

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