21 February 2016: 25th Romanian Restaurant Day in Geel

This year the preparation seemed to become more difficult than other years, considering  that we couldn't use the kitchen of the banquet room on Saturday. So we had to moove to the kitchen facilities of the Technical School St.-Jozef. Through 25 years of experience and an adaptation of the menu the preparations went on smoothly.

25 assistants under supervision of the cooking team of KWB-St.-Amands started the cutting of vegetables, fruit... and the cooking at 1pm. At 6pm the preparations were finished and everything was in the refrigerator van.

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Sunday at 6.30 am the cooking team and assistants started the works. From 8 am the hall was made ready: chairs, tables, the buffet... so that 300 guest could eat at the same time. This year the wellcome was special. Andreea and Florin,in  folkloric costumes, were offering bread, salt and tuica to the people: the traditional Romanian way of wellcoming guests.During the noon session as well as the evening session everything went on smoothly: the kitchen, dishwashing, service, bar, ... everyone did his best to satisfy all the 620 guests so that they went home with a good feeling.

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