In Slatina wedding parties last for 3 days, village celebrations are very impressive.  Today traditions are threatened, it is common that couples go to a special reception hall where the festivities are completed in one day.


So far the wedding celebrations in Slatina were always  a real village event: the women cook, once the men have prepared the required pigs and chickens, etc.  The main hall of the cultural centre is decorated. The couple and families are  walking through the streets to the town hall and then to their respective church: Orthodox or Catholic.  The spectators receive tuica.  At the cultural centre, before the food is served  the couple, witnesses and family dare dancing outside the centre. 



All the women of the village are linking arms and and are moving according to the music.  The men are drinking tuica. 


After the dancing outside all the guests, which can be a great number, are going into the main hall.  Sarmales, specially prepared mince rolled together with rice in a cabbage leaf, are a traditional part of any festive meal.  More meat dishes are served and also cakes for dessert.  Tuica is always available but also  beer, cola, mineral water, wine can be consumed. During the wedding party a band, preferably with a welknown folcloric singer, had been hired for live music throughout the event.
Sometimes folkloric groups are performing during a wedding as the group "Barzava" from Restia did in August 2015  in Slatina-Timis.
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